Friday, March 30, 2007

My favorites....


Ok, so I decided to do a post on one of my favorite models of the current time. I first saw her when she was in Teen Vogue, for a little article thingy and I thought she was gorgeous, and I LOVE her name. Chanel Iman? Its like the coolest name ever, her first name is one of the most famous fashion designers ever, and her last name is one of the most famous models ever. I wonder if it was a coincidence, or her parents named her that on purpose.

I think she is so pretty, and I really like all of the shows she's been in. Her look is just really soft but still exoctic which is hard to pull of. and she has really big lips(that might sound weird, but that doesnt matter :) ) and a nice smile, and she looks a lot different then all of the uber-skinny eastern european models that are so copious on the runways. My new favorite.

I love love love these glasses, they remind me of Risky Business(Tom Cruise movie in the 8o's)

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...Come Sit by Me, tagged the whole blogosphere to reveal 7 songs they are listening to right now, and since I dont have anything better to do, and I love my music I have decided to do it.

1. "If You Leave"-Nada Surf. Ok I seriously love this song, it is so happy, and the words are so easy to memorize, because the verses are kind of short and sweet. If you like songs with nice little rhythms and words, you will like this. And yes I know I found it on Music from the OC Volume I, but dont tell anyone, its still cool ;)

2."The Mating Game"-BitterSweet. This song reminds me of James Bonds, I dont know why, it just does, like James Bond/ some really cool couple that doesnt know they're in love. Only I will interpret a song like that, but I love the beat to it, its awesome.

3."Samson"-Regina Spektor. I love all of Regina Spektor's stuff, or at least most of it, so this is no exception. Her voice kind of lulls me to sleep in a good way, and I love the beginning.

"You are my sweetest downfall" Such a amazing lyric <33333

4."Lover, You Don't Have to Love"-Bright Eyes. This has such a great steady beat in the backround, and its just really fun to listen to. Plus Bright Eyes has such a melodic/rough/amazing voice so I love the whole thing. If that made any sense at all.

5."Make This Go on Forever"-Snow Patrol. I will admit I heard this first on Greys Anatomy on the ferry accident episodes, but I love it now so much. The lyrics are really great, especially the end. I am not going to lie that I intenstly lip sync with my hair brush to the very last lyrics. Its all cool. The end is the best.

And I don't know where to look.

My words just break and melt.

Please just save me from this darknesssss.

I could listen to the end of the song forever, and make it go on forever. Get it haha, I'm so clever.

6. "Unlike Me"-Kate Havnevik. I was first drawn to this song when I heard the lyric I love the way you live so intensly, which btw I still think is such an amazing lyric, but now I love the whole thing. Kate Havnevik is is amazing, and her voice is just so great, and this song is intense but in a soothing way if that is possible. :)

7."I'll Follow You Into the Dark"-Death Cab For Cutie. This is my most played song on my Itunes, because it is just amazing. The solo accoustic guitar, with the amazing amazing amazing lyrics, it is such a beautiful song. Its bittersweet though, but I love Death Cab.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A sudden ephipany

Hooray!! Its SPRING BREAK!!! I'm not going anywhere, but I'm still happy that theres no school for 2 week, but onto the fashion.

I don't know if anyone knows the brand Vince, but it is adorable. Very simpilistic chic, simple lines and shapes, in soft colors. Great basics, and adorable sweaters and dresses. Their cashmere is to die for! Anyway, I see it on all the time, but I have never bought anything from the line since it is a bit pricey for my wallet.

So today I was at school, and I was admiring a girl in my classe's clothes, because she always has really cute stuff, and I knew that her dad was a designer, but I never knew really who. So it turns out he is the designer/creator of Vince, which I thought was uber-cool!! I am so extremely jealous of her, since she is always getting free clothes, and giving it to her friends.

Too bad we're not good enough friends for her to give me any free stuff, but who knows *nudge nudge*, maybe we will be. Ok, Im not that shallow and manipulating, or am I.... ;)

Anyway I thought that I would show some of my favorite clothes from the Spring line, which is really cute...

Cashmere that looks like a sweatshirt, but is still shortsleeved to wear during spring?

I love it.

Such and adorable tied shirt dress.

These pants are so casual but I want them, they just look like something you could lounge around in really comfortably.

Grey sparkly plaid, need I say more?
You can see it from far away, but this has little stripes, its so cute!
A pale yellow t-shirt with a built in layer, genius.

I found these while browsing, and I thought I'd throw them in for good measure. How much can a few pairs of ADORABLE Marc by Marc Jacobs flats hurt, answer, not at all.

These are so cute!! Red patent peeptoes, I desperatly want a pair. They would be so perfect with everything for spring.

Somehow these remind me of Girl Scouts, the colors. But I love them, they would make me feel like I was on a very stylish safari somewhere.

Meshy red peeptoe jellies. Perfect for walking around at home during my spring break where i dont go anywhere. Maybe they will help me dream that I am in Mexico, they seem to envoke happiness when I just look at them. :D :D.


Happy Spring Break!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Multicolored Gorgeousness Addiction

Long over due for a post so here it is...

I was checking my e-mail and routinly scrowling through the "Daily Fashion Flashs" I get from, and one of the featured looks caught my eye. So of course I had to look through all the featured collection to find out who designed it. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton of course. Here it is, I thought it was so beautiful. I'm fickle i guess...

This was the first one I saw. The way the maroon transitions into dark red, and then burgundy, and then into pale blue? I didn't know it was possible to do semi-tie dye so well. This dress is just gorgeous, and the cute little hat is a nice finishing touch.

The same thing with this one. The navy into blue and then turquoiuse, and then gold? The puff sleeves? Pure genius!! Its so pretty!

Completely random post but I was anamored.