Friday, September 29, 2006

Sorry Everyone!

Sorry everyone that I haven't posted in forever!! I have been on a school trip for a week, but I'll have one up tomorow. Thanks! I just posted but somehow it got stuck behind my last post which was Catherine Malandrino, so check under there to see it!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2007

Catherine Malandrino Spring Collection is to die for!! I really am in love, all of the peices were so beautiful, it was hard for me to choose just a few. Most of this collection is evening wear, something that apparently Catherine Malandrino is very talented at. The collection ranges from satiny one strap dresses, mini shirtdress coats with poofy sleaves, to brightly colored structured mini dresses, and button down dresses. Everything is so elegant and chic, the collection is simple, very French, but it has so many beautiful details that makes each garment unique and amazing. Here are some of my favorite peices.

I love all of these peices! Enjoy!


Vera Wang Spring 2007

Vera Wang's Spring Collection is so beautiful! Its really feminie and soft. I am in love with all the layering she used in the collection. The way she paired little chifon skirts, with flowy blouses and little cardigans is adorable. I think the dresses are beautiful, and the way everything drapes perfectly is gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite looks.

I'll be up with more of the spring collections tomorow! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Marc Jacobs Spring 2007

I am in love with Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Collection. The collection was shown on a grass green runway, with Sound of Music-esk music playing, and hills as the backround. The clothes are light and airy, and flow so perfectly. The collection is very natury and springy, the materials range from linen to muslim, and Marc Jacobs in an interview said he "tried to make the light fabrics look bulkier, and the heavy fabrics flow." The collection is amazing, I didn't think I could like anything more then the Fall 2006 collection, but I guess I can. I'm pretty fickle, here are my favorite looks.

I love how wearable this collection is! Enjoy!

New York Fashion Week

Get ready everybody to see the spring collections, starting tomorow! Fashion Week is the best time of the year!!!


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mooka Kinney

Hmm... You are probably wondering what in the heck is Mooka Kinney. If you don't know yet its time to find out. Mooka Kinney is a line started by up and coming designers Rachel Antonoff and Alison Lewis(ages 24 and 23). They met when Alison rented a room in Racheal's west village apartment. They bonded over their love for vintage treasure hunting, pretty prints, and whimsical dresses.

The dresses are completely and totally ADORABLE!!! I haven't seen such cute dresses, I don't think any where, or at least not for a while. The dresses are empire waisted, and smock dresses, in prints of swans, flowers, and other equally amazing designs. The details are so cute also, with buttons in the shape of strawberries, swans, and deer. I love all of there dresses, this is a designing pair you want to look out for!
The creaters of Mooka Kinney, Alison Lewis(left) and Rachel Antonoff

An adorable heart button on the pocket of the Swan Dress.
Alison in the Flag Dress

Rachel in the Narnia Dress, and Alison in the Swan Dress
The amazingly gorgeous back of the Narnia Dress. Check out the adorable crossing straps and the sweet strawberry buttons.
Visit for more info on this amazing line.
It is sold at i heart in New York City.
Keep a look out for Mooka Kinney!

Cute Little Slouchy Beanies/Berets

I am in love with little beanies or berets for back to school, and especially the cooler weather. The best kinds are nice and loose, so you can possibly pile you hair into them, and knitted because thats the warmest. Kirsten Dunst is always wearing these, so she is part of my inspiration, but overall I just think they are so cute. I think that they kind of ad comfort, and a special little touch to all outfits. Let your hair flow into messy waves under the hat, or tuck your hair into them. Make sure you don't buy tight skater beanies though, those just look like you are posing. These look bohemian, grungy, and adorable!

Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown. Loved the movie, loved her reoccuring red beret.

Striped Knit Beret



Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man 2. She looks so cute here.

Striped Knit Beret



I love hats, and these are my current favorite! Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am totally in love with flats for fall. I think that they are the cutest shoes ever. Being 5'10" I love heels but I kind of tower over most people in them, so flats are a chic, stylish, comfortable way to pull together my outfit and not be a foot over everyones heads. Flats are popping up everywhere, on celebrities and on the runway, they are definetely the go to shoe for fall, not the mention being completely adorable! Here are some of my favorite styles! Marc by Marc Jacobs Slingback Flats
(These are pretty bright for fall, but I love them, and if you have doubts for fall, they will be perfect for spring!)
Loeffler Randall Flats
Lark Cinch Flats

Twelth St. by Cynthia Vincent



London Sole Pirouette Flat



Steve Madden Bees Flats,

Mauve Suede

Hope you like them! Enjoy!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dark Nails

Sorry for not posting in a while. I have been getting reading for school, namily buying back-to-school clothes, the best part, lol. So I am loving the dark nails that are being seen on the runway, models, celebrities, and of course me! I think that it coresponds perfectly with the dark grungy clothes that are on the runway right now. Dark nails add bit of sophistication to any outfit. It makes everything seem chic and at the same time pulls the outfit together. Dark dark reds, and blacks are the best way to go. Black may seem goth, punk, or a bit cheasy, but it looks great on! OPI Nail Laquer, in Romeo and Joliet,

Chanel Black Satin Nail Colour, $18.00, (P.S. This color is sold out in most places it is so popular)
Those are a few of my favorites! Hope everyones ready for school! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tarte Cheekstains

Tarte is one of my favorite beauty lines. I am in LOVE with the cheekstains!!! They are so adorably packaged and to top it off, they go on really smoothly, and the colors are great!! The blush isn't sticky or to bright, so its perfect for subdued shading. I really recomend these, and anything else from Tarte.

Tarte Cheekstains in Tipsy, Sunkissed, Tickled Peach, Flush, Blushing Bride, Dollface, Cloud 9, and Bronze Goddess.

$28.00 each.

I love these! The shades are great, I wish I natrually blushed lavender, lol. Enjoy!


Friday, September 01, 2006

Skinny Jeans

This fall the entire skinny legged, stove-pipe silowhete is very sophisticated and chic. I happen to love this trend. Sure I still rely on my old bootcut jeans but it is refreshing to finally have a new style of jeans. A style that actually shows off women's bodies', and basically look great with everything. For those of you who don't think you can pull off skinny jeans? You can!

Esentially there are 3 types of skinny jeans: Extra Long, Regular, and Ankle Legth. Extra long is better for a more sophisticated look, and works better at night wit heels. Regular legth skinny jeans work with everything, sneakers, heels, and flats. Personally I like a cute pair of flats with them. Ankle Legth is perfect for showing off toned ankles and a cute pair of shoes.

The trick to skinny jeans is to just buy a pair that fits you. Black or darker shades make you look thinner, and lighter doesn't, just like with regular jeans. I still am in love with grey jeans!!! Here are a few of my favorite styles.
Citizens of Humanity
Testino Stove Pipe, $185.00, Black Berlin
J Brand
12" Pencil Leg Stretch Jean
Black, $159.00

J Brand
12" Pencil Leg Stretch Jean, $159.00, Grey

Seven For All Mankind
Roxanne with Chain Mail Stretch Jean, $209.00, Prague

Paige Denim
Skinny Stretch Jean, $179.00, Black

Don't be afraid to go skinny!! You won't regret it! Enjoy!