Monday, May 28, 2007

Its coming to an end....


I wish I looked like them....
We all no what that means....if I was living in a perfect CA movie it would mean parties on the beach, um...getting drunk which I dont plan to do, perfect clothes, cute little shorts with the perfect set of mile long legs to go with them, and eternal tan, a delicious coral colored smoothie, an adorably cute boy to spend my summer with lying lazily on the beach with no need to reaply sunblock, i just turn golden brown automatically instead of having to reaply spf 45 every hour so i do not look like a blonde tomato, and days and days of sleeping in past noon
Now...the reality of school ending, lets review shall we..

1.Finals...yippee! Not...that means hours of pouring over the American revolution, and doing a latin project which coincidentally i should be doing right now, but instead am procrastinating on my blog. Then it means sitting in the freezing overly-air conditioned gym while i try to pull random facts out of my head on out to square a quadratic function...hooray

2. Cleaning out my locker...wahoo, usually i find like 40 billion Fiji water bottles that i have forgotten to throw away or drink, and lots of gross papers and my math test from like October the 3rd. Its not very exciting...

3. Graduating 8th english teacher says all these embarrasing facts that our PARENTS wrote about us in the beginning of the year mine will probably be like "Arabella spent her summer obsessing over superman(dont ask :) and sleeping" and all the parents there will be like SLACKER! not that i care what my fellow classmates parents thinks about me

4. Watching one of my friends jet off to the Carribean and NY for like 2 weeks. Can you say jealousy? I wanna go *pouts angrily*, she will come back and I will still be here...doing nothing

zzzz..... except sleeping

P.S. This is quite random but I recomend listening/downloading "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus i was planning to write this @ the end of the post but I would have been listening to something else by then and have great ADD and write down that song...

Now on to the rest of the post


1. My grad dress! I tried to get a good pic of it, but it wasnt cooperating. Its so cute, its like verticle blue and white stripes but small ones and then it ties in the back, and has pockets and i am in love <333>

Seven Jeans
Side Zip Joyce Jean

Original Price: $187.00....ready? Get this they're on sale at $130.90 Sale There is a god above me :)

Citizens of Humanity
Avendon Stove Pipe Jean

Original Price: $ On Sale: $114.10

I know jeans arent that summery, but dont these just look so comfy?? Seriously they look like the comfiest things I have EVER seen adn I seriously want them, and am going to convince my mom of that fact right now

choco strawberry necklace $10

I know this isnt clothes...but isnt it like the cutest thing you've ever seen, on a particularirly hot day I may go crazy with heat and try and eat it...that would be the only reason to avoid purchasing

red frenchy tee $24

For when you want to pretend you are French and spend the day on your bed eating bagetts and watch old French movies, and movies about France e.i. Passport to Paris, French Kiss, dang it i cant think of any...oh well you get the idea

Shoot! I navigated away from the page, this is from Urban Oufitters, colorblock something...I just thought it was really like blunt or graphic or sharp or something like that and I liked it...

On Saturday when I was shopping with my friends I saw this in Lucky Brand and I feel in is just so adorable, perfect for laying out in the sun with my trusty spf 45

The bottoms are $44 and the top is $42...I want it

Maybe these clothes werent that summery but I just loved them, and now I must get back to making my boring powerpoint presentation....ewww...

happy almost summer!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It was 100 degrees....literally

Random pic, but I love it!! I didnt take it, I wish i was that creative, seriously :)
Ok...its been a while since my last post, and one thing that has changed in the eternally sunny land of Southern CA, is umm....hmm...its freaking so hot here!! And I know every one thinks "oh they live in CA it must always be 75 degrees out and sunny, and everyone is a beach bum and smokes pot and is tan and doesnt go to school or work" whoa a little rant there, but its true, we get so stereotyped. "You're from CA" subliminal lines "BEACH BUM!!!" hahah it always cracks me up when I go to New York City, and every one always stares at me because of my strangely colored blonde hair! Everyone there has dark hair i swear to god...**

**side not I am sorry if you live in NYC and have very toe-headed(white blonde) blonde hair, I do not mean to offend, and i am a victim of my own stereotyped, although i have always pondered what i would look like with dark hair since my dad has dark hair and i dont look like him i wonder if i would look like him, ok rambling now sorry back to the post which so far has been a whole lot of rambling

anyways let me get back to my point. For like 3 days now it has been 90 degrees out, I swear to god! It never gets that hot here, like ever. I have been sweltering in my classes, last period English is the worst, I'm like "take me to the beach i am going to die if i discuss the difference between a conjuction and a preposition one more time" so i decided i am in serious need of warm weather clothing...isnt everyone?

I havent even had the chance to go to the beach yet, :(*** I am almost crying, although working out on a hot day is so nice, seriously i feel so like i dont know happy after!!

I want to be there so much right now, can you imagine OMG i can my new radio figi blue and orange striped bikini, a smoothie, and umm...james franco to serve it to me...enough with the day dreaming, i seriously want to know where that is

Check List for Unbearably Hot Days No Matter Where You Live

1. Sunblock...I know it seems too practical, but seriously ,who wants a malignant melanoma not me knock on wood, so go to Rite Aid or Longs I bet you a billion bucks there is one in range of 10 miles of you, it wouldnt be America if there wasnt. Go and get Coppertone, non-fragnant SPF 45 for face, and then for body, you can be fashionable and safe people!

  1. I love the little coppertone girl with her butt line, its so cute and classic haha and i'm pathetic i think :)

2. A pair of AH-mazing sunglasses, aviators are so classic that they never go out, everyone knows that thats what i would stick with, also it is very entertaining to take pictures of yourself with them when you are bored because you can see the camera in the reflection awesome i know, and sadly i didnt take that pic, it is so awesome tho you know?

3. A seriously goregous view(see below picture which i did acutally take from my house ) where you can make yourself a nice lemonade, or whatever drink you please, put on you obnoxious-to-everyone-around-you white ipod earbuds, and fall asleep as you celebrate the horrifically unbearable sun setting around you, ah.... paradise

4. The season DVD's to whatever show you love, my choices: Greys Anatomy, Lost, The OC (seasons 1 and 2 cause they were the only good ones), Bones(check it out, sorta underated on fox @ 8 on Wedsnday, and the FBI agent is HOT), Sex in the City, that you can watch while you lock yourself in your room with the AC blasting, pretending to do homework when really you are too focused on McDreamy to think of anything else

I seriously think that Lost is like a hotness explosion, you have to agree. Ahhh...

5. Waterballoons to have fights with your little brother on the grass since he is so cool, and you must cherish your time with him while he still likes you ahaha funny thing is i have actually done that

6. Extremely cute little summery dresses, because it is way way way too hot to wear anything else seriously, t-shirt dresses are adorable, and it is all about color right now, I need color and I love it, leave your grey and black for fall when all i do is go to school and its 40 degrees out,

J.crew some great stuff, usually their stuff is too preppy for me, but my friend seriously her whole wadrobe is from there which bugs the heck out of me so i can barely stand the place sometimes, but I got such and adorable dress there, its hot pink with white buttons its just really cute

this picture does make me really happy though. I seriously am envious of this model who can pull off yellow and white polka dotted shorts, that=LOVE

7.Popsicles in exciting bright colors like orange and pink and red


8. An amazing summer playlist, I'm too tired to write one up right now, but DOWNLOAD NOW: "Crooked Teeth" Death Cab For Cutie I love this song!

Enjoy the hotness :)