Sunday, February 18, 2007

What is the world coming to?

Britney Spears is newly bald. I for one did not expect that. I feel bad for her, all that pressure that she broke and shaved her head. Why do we live in a world where people are scrutinized to the point of shaving off all their hair?

I have to say that she doesnt look very good either, only one person can pull off baldness. Natalie Portman. She is gorgeous.

Bad Baldness

Good Baldness. She looks elegant and beautiful

I know this isnt very fashiony, but I just had to report on it.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Movie Collection III: Music and Lyrics

I saw the movie Music and Lyrics this weekend, starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. The movie was about a 80's has-been, who is enrolled to write a song in 3 days for a famous singer, Cora Corman. Who btw is hilarious! Drew Barrymore waters his plants, and also has a talent for writing lyrics, and they end up working together.

Throughout the movie I admired Drew's clothing. She looks eclectic and cute. In one scene she wears shorts with tights, and she wears a bunch of really cute dresses. She dresses just like I would imagine a writer/lyricist would dress, in my fantasy world.

I couldnt find the picture, but there is one very adorable brown dress, that she wears with brown boots! Ah, i love it!

This movie was adorable! I definetely recomend it! :D

The shorts, the tights, the vest! HOORAY!

I love the little heart pin she has on her vest.

Pink and purple striped scarf=LOVE

The jeans, the scarf, she looks so cute!!

Get off the computer and see this movie!! lol



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Like Day and Night

For me Marc Jacob's Fall 2006 collection was so amazing, it would be hard to live up to it. It was definetely one of my favorite collections and it basically launched fall fashion for this year. The new collection is COMPLETELY different from lasts years collection. I mean in everyway. Mute dark colors vs. Bright colors. Big baggy layers vs. sleek lines. Slouchy Beanie hats vs. Colorful widebrimmed sunhats( if thats what you call them).

I'm not sure if I'm as anamored with it as I was last years collection. To me it doesnt seem quite as innovative. And there were a lot of outfits I didnt like. My favorites:

What I definetely didnt like: What was he thinking?

Then we had Luella. Which I loved this season! Omg! The colors were great, and I just loved it. The whole collection has been one of my favorites so far. It was very London hipster chic/polo player +horses/ AMAZNG! All the coats and dresses and tights and cool little boots. I am just overwhelmed. I dont know how to describe it so I'll just so you some pictures :D.

I'll Be BACK!!



Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rag and Bone...I like their name

Its one of the 1st of the Fall Ready-to-where collections, and I happen to like it quite a lot. Still a lot of menswear influence in this collection. I happen to really like menswear, I think it is chic and cute, but still sophisticated. It makes mature when I wear it hehe. Heres some of my favorites.

This is my favorite outfit of the whole collection. I love the grey tunic thing with the skinny pants and skinny black scarf!!!Its so chic!

Ok, I love this olive green cardigan belted with grey skinny pants. And the white turtle blouse underneath just makes the outfit that much perfecter. Perfecter? Is that even a word?

The grey loosly pleated skirt and jacket with knee high leather boots. Like working women/matrix! I love it!

Usually it looks bad pairing bermudas with high boots but I like it here, and the military-esk jacket and cute little hat are to die for.

I'll be back with more movie collections and fall 2007 collections!