Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm BAAAACKK...after a long long hiatus

Hello internet! Hello world! Hello fashionable humans!

I had abandoned this blog, completely, utterly, and unforgivably. In all truth, I feel terrible...this little blog had been my creative outlet and an excuse to prioritize fashion in my life, but then unfortunetely life happened. It has almost been three years...three long years of high school...freshman year I fell in love, sophomore year I experienced drama, and this year I've worked my ass off to try and attempt to get into college this fall. However, now it is gloriously SUMMER...three whole months I have to blissfully do nothing. And I thought of nothing better I would like to spend my "nothing" doing than updating this blog...I'm going to make it bigger, better, and chicer than it ever has been...Summer is long, hot, and requires shorts, skirts, dresses, and to my dismay, rompers. Hopefully, if anyone is still reading, I'll be here to chronicle my summer which will be chockful of fashion, popsicles, and a lot of reading of fashion magazines and cheesy teen novels...maybe I will begrudingly write a college essay, but I doubt it. Summer here I come! Its good to be back...