Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Collections II: Memiors of a Geisha

Ok, obviously I'm not going to start walking down the streets of Southern CA in a silk kimono, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over the beautiful ones that are worn in Memiors of a Geisha. This moving shows the epitome of glamour in 1930s-40's Japan. Even though Japanese geishas were basically upscale escorts to men, it didnt stop them from being one of the most iconic emblems of glamour. From the white face, to the painted red lips, to the elaborate kimonos the whole thing screams chic.
OMG! And how could I forget the six inch wooden platform sandals, which btw are extremely insane.
Ziyi Zhang's protrayal of the young geisha Sayuri Nitta was great, and very convincing. Along with Li Gong's protrayal of the maliciously greedy and conspiraring Hatsumomo. I reccomend this movie, you should watch it. :D I love this shot. Since the light is all dark/reddish she looks lumininesent, and amazing. Enough said.

One of the only times in the movie you see Sayuri without her geisha makeup on, and I think she is so pretty.Her kimono is so pretty. I love the orange flower print contrasting with the pale baby blue of the rest of the kimono.
She looks so scary but beautiful. This isnt even a kimono, actually its a robe. It is so pretty though, know one i knows looks that glamourous in a robe.
The black kimono against her white skin is such an amazing contrast. She looks really intense in a good way.

Check out the shoes, I especially like the kimono on the right. The way the dark purple fades down into a cherry blossom tree is so pretty.

Go rent it! I command you! haha jk



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Movie Collections:The Notebook

I've decided that I want to do a collection of posts about my favorite styles in movies. Movie stars are so lucky, they get the best selection of clothes, jewlery, accesories, and makeup from designers. Everymovie is different, the time period, story line, character. All those are variables on what the style is going to look like. So enjoy!

My first is The Notebook. I absolutely love this movie! It is one of my all time favorites. Not only are the clothes amazing, but the movie is so so so good! I cry every single time, because its just so good. Ryan Gosling and Racheal McAdams are great actors, and omg I just love it. Anyway on to the clothes. What can I say, the 1940's were such a glamorous time. When women drove around in giant cars with perfectly waved hair, red lipstick, and cute little dresses. The Notebook is a perfect show of that, so here are some of my favorite stills from the movie. Ok, bathing suits in the 40's were so glamorous. Just look at this one, I love the top with the red criss cross pattern, and the bathing cap? So cute!

OMG! This dress is so adorable. The length makes it kind of dangorous while the cut and print make it sweet. I love the side buttons and the adorable crandberry color.

This isnt the best fashion shot of the movie, but I do remember the dress. Its the part when she rides her bike to come and see him, its lavender as you can probably see. The white sleeves are so cute. As are Racheal McAdams and Ryan Gosling together, thats mostly why I posted this pic. Hehe I am such a sucker for romance.

This is one of the best scenes when they dance in the street. The printed dress under the cardigan with the same print lining is gorgeous. I love when they lie in the street.

Allie: And what happens if a car comes?

Noah: We die.

Ha I laugh everytime!

My favorite outfit in the whole movie. She looks so glamourous and sophisticated and chic. The color is beautiful and the hat is perfect. AND SHES WEARING GLOVES!!! I just cant stand it!

Look out for more movie collection posts!



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes

I didnt actually watch the Golden Globes but rather continually checked the internet to see the dresses. After all that is the best part about awards season in Hollywood. I did hear from a litte birdie that Grey's Anatomy one best TV series so I was so happy to hear that!!! I love Greys Anatomy, its my favorite. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a passion for McDreamy. Anyways back to the dresses, here are some of my favorites: Maggie Gyllenhal
Katherine Heigl
Evangeline Lilly
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Garner
Drew Barrymore
I cant wait till the Oscars!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Flower Child Fashion

I am having a strange fashion upheaval of wanting to wear flowery hippie things. I have been searching for peices like flowery tunics, slouchy bermuda shorts in neutrals, and big vintage tortishell glasses. Soon I may find myself doing peace signs all over the place. Haha, jk. But I like the look of hippieish pieces. They are so adorable, and cute, and relaxed, and comfortalbe. Plus I like wearing flowers quite a lot so that is an added plus. Ah, i am getting so excited just thinking about it!! To bad I dont have very many hippie pieces yet. Thats ok though, its not spring yet. Here are some of my favorites that I have found.

Ok, so they're not vintage, but they are beautiful and look like what I imagined, hehe

I dont know if these are really hippie, but I really like them, and they are khaki and seem sort of hippie, and what the heck else are you going to where with flowered tunics?

This yellow and white dress with the pockets is so adorable, I just had to put it on my hippie flower child clothing list.

I dont know if Jellies count as hippie chic, but they make me think of hippies. Added pluses: Comfort, nostalgia of when I was 3, and a cute array of colors including blue, green, yellow, clear, and pink!

Cute white tunic is definetely hippie. Cant you just imagine yourself parading around in it carrying signs that say, "Make Love Not War"?

What can I say about this dress? The colors are amazing, and its silky and a great length and its just beautiful and I really want it. There I said some things!

This dress is so simple and cute, and flowery. Its probably really comfortable and airy, but not in weird way.I like the print too.

This tunic is gorgeous. I love the bright colors and the neckline. It comes in a rose/red/pink shade also!

Look for me when I go through my full hippie makeover. :)



Saturday, January 13, 2007

My obsession is out of control

It really is. Necklaces. I think I probably have 50. Ranging from a plastic beads from when I was 3, to my mom's fake pearls, to a buddha which I discovered at a bead fair last year. I love them. Necklaces can jazz up any outfit, thats for sure. They are my savior on days when I dont feel creative, or woke up 20 minutes after my alarm. They bring excitment to t-shirts, add a finishing touch to dresses, and just generally make me happy. The variation is crazy, there are billions of necklaces to choice from. I decided to share some of my favorites with you! This is so vintagy cute, I used to have these dolls when I was little

My own necklaces, the glass one is from a company called Galaxy Girl,, I got the mother of pearl one at a flea market, and someone gave me the charm. I love the axe mark in the heart! they look sweet enough to eat, apparently its some Kabbalah thing, but I just thought it was a wishbone bright pretty charms that make me happy!!! peirced heart, i love the charms They fawn is SO cute!!

I wish I owned these, too bad I don't. Or at least not all of them. :(**



Monday, January 08, 2007

Spring 2007 Prada Ads

Again I find myself obsessed with Prada ads. They seem always to be beautiful. I was totally obsessed with the Fall 2006 ones too. Not only are they amazingly shot, but the art direction is great, and the colors always look perfect as does the contrasting in the photo. I also applaud Sasha Pivovarova. She can do so many looks and, she doesnt fail to look great in this new ad. Its totally different from the dark smoldering angle of the fall. She looks fresh and clean, and perfect actually. I love the colors of the shoes(not shown) and how she seems to be lying in them, same with the purses. The bright colors of the shot are great.

I <333>



OMG! I'm going to the...

ROSE BOWL!!!! I am so freakin excited! This Sunday precisely 5 days from now I am going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. For those of you who don't know it, or live on the East Coast, or somewhere far away like Russia since its pretty famous, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is located in Pasadena, CA. It has over 2,200 vendors selling vintage clothes, jewlery, furniture, and art. 20,o00 people go every time it happens, which is every second Sunday of the month. I've never been to it so I am so phyched for this weekend. It is also a 3 day weekend which I am elated for! Arent you?! I cant wait to pick up tons of cheap vintage clothes and shoes and jewlery, its almost better then Christmas and my birthday combined, :)!!
I can't wait! I'll tell you all about it afterwards!