Sunday, January 28, 2007

Movie Collections II: Memiors of a Geisha

Ok, obviously I'm not going to start walking down the streets of Southern CA in a silk kimono, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over the beautiful ones that are worn in Memiors of a Geisha. This moving shows the epitome of glamour in 1930s-40's Japan. Even though Japanese geishas were basically upscale escorts to men, it didnt stop them from being one of the most iconic emblems of glamour. From the white face, to the painted red lips, to the elaborate kimonos the whole thing screams chic.
OMG! And how could I forget the six inch wooden platform sandals, which btw are extremely insane.
Ziyi Zhang's protrayal of the young geisha Sayuri Nitta was great, and very convincing. Along with Li Gong's protrayal of the maliciously greedy and conspiraring Hatsumomo. I reccomend this movie, you should watch it. :D I love this shot. Since the light is all dark/reddish she looks lumininesent, and amazing. Enough said.

One of the only times in the movie you see Sayuri without her geisha makeup on, and I think she is so pretty.Her kimono is so pretty. I love the orange flower print contrasting with the pale baby blue of the rest of the kimono.
She looks so scary but beautiful. This isnt even a kimono, actually its a robe. It is so pretty though, know one i knows looks that glamourous in a robe.
The black kimono against her white skin is such an amazing contrast. She looks really intense in a good way.

Check out the shoes, I especially like the kimono on the right. The way the dark purple fades down into a cherry blossom tree is so pretty.

Go rent it! I command you! haha jk




OMGFashionQueen said...

The purple one in the last picture is gorgeous!!!!

Alison said...

I love memoirs of a geisha, the book and the movie! the whole world it's set in is just so gorgeous and delicate.

Bloom said...

The cinematography in this film was exceptional. =D

Candid Cool said...

i will!
and i want that red robe.