Saturday, January 13, 2007

My obsession is out of control

It really is. Necklaces. I think I probably have 50. Ranging from a plastic beads from when I was 3, to my mom's fake pearls, to a buddha which I discovered at a bead fair last year. I love them. Necklaces can jazz up any outfit, thats for sure. They are my savior on days when I dont feel creative, or woke up 20 minutes after my alarm. They bring excitment to t-shirts, add a finishing touch to dresses, and just generally make me happy. The variation is crazy, there are billions of necklaces to choice from. I decided to share some of my favorites with you! This is so vintagy cute, I used to have these dolls when I was little

My own necklaces, the glass one is from a company called Galaxy Girl,, I got the mother of pearl one at a flea market, and someone gave me the charm. I love the axe mark in the heart! they look sweet enough to eat, apparently its some Kabbalah thing, but I just thought it was a wishbone bright pretty charms that make me happy!!! peirced heart, i love the charms They fawn is SO cute!!

I wish I owned these, too bad I don't. Or at least not all of them. :(**



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