Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Standing for 4 Hours was DEFINIETELY worth it...


So hot I sorta can't handle it...
Ok, so now that I'm back on normal schedule, a.k.a, NO spring break, I have finally recovered from my first standing-in-the-pit-for-5-hours-with-the-strong-odor-of-pot-everywhere concert experience! HOORAY!!!

But I saw The Killers!!! Which was so awesome!! I love them, and Brandon Flowers is such a hottie *swoon*. So my friends and I were really close, like 20 feet, which was amazing. It was extremely loud, but in a good way. And it was really hot, in a not good way. Luckily there will a couple of gorgeous guys that we were sort of smushed against so I wasn't really complaining, :).

The first act was extremely weird, I couldnt even hear what their name was, but they were like out of a bad episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seriously, one of their song's was called "Hell Diver". I was like, what the heck is this, I want the Killers. When the finished, I was like hooray the Killers, but then....there was a 2nd opening act! The Howling Bells, from Australia, who were actually pretty good, but by that point I was a little grouchy at being stuck standing for already like 2 hours and not seeing the band I came to.

It took another 40 mintues after the Howling Bells came on for the Killers to come out, but it was SO worth it. They played so well, and confetti came from the ceiling, and Brandon Flowers is such an amazing performer. <3>

This is such a good picture for a camera phone, I am seriously impressed.

Pretty purple lights, they lighting was awesome btw.

If the Killers come on tour near where you live I highly recommend trying to get tickets, they rock! :D


Monday, April 02, 2007

Some friendly randomness

There is more to life then increasing it's speed.

-Mahatma Ghandi

My mom sent me that quote and I LOVE it. It's so wise and it is so true. Now I jus sound stupid so I'll stop talking.

This is the first time I have ever actually used my computer outside, I have contimplated it, but this is the first time.

I'm glad that even though I'm not away somewhere, I do live in Southern California, so sitting outside underneath the partly cloudy sky, with a 70 degree breeze blowing nicely against my floral scarf, and the pool looking so tantalizing 2 feet away from me, I'm not exactly roughing it. For you that live on the east coast is it snowing there? I sort of wished it snowed here, but I love the sun and the beach and the ocean. Home Sweet Home.

Anyways now that I have told you all about my current predicament, I havent really been doing very much over the break so I was surfing the internet today looking on which is basically a mecha for cuteness, so obviously I found some really cute stuff. Here we go, these make me quite happy, almost makes up for not going to the Carribbean. ;)

Aww...Little kids walking in the rain. Its so adorable.

This is so cute, it sort of makes me hungry. Too bad my birthday already passed. Maybe I'll make a cake with all my free time.

Then I went shopping with my friend yesterday, and I had no will power and bought this adorable Michael by Michael Kors jacket, which is SO cute!! I bought it in white, and it was a little pricey, but totally worth it. Plus I bought it with the birthday $$$ my grandma gave me, so its cool. :)

Back on a less expensive not, you can buy a hammock for like 17 bucks that holds 265 lbs! What a deal, I tried to convince my mom to put one in my room but she sort of refused. :(**

Then right now, I kind of have A.D.D I started looking up sweaters on Nordstrom's sight. I seriously really want this L.A.M.B. Sweater. Gwen Stefani is such a genius with her music and her clothes, omg i forgot to mention that I got tickets to her concert, which I am physhed for!

This is so cute, brown with like creamy polka dots, but by the time I found it I had NO $$$l left at all. But I can still dream. Zzzz...

DOWNLOAD: "Love Me or Hate Me"-Lady Sovereign. Usually I'm not really that into rap, but the lyrics are funny, and the chorus is extremely catchy, and I kina really like it. Don't be embarrassed if you start singing the chorus, i do.