Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Standing for 4 Hours was DEFINIETELY worth it...


So hot I sorta can't handle it...
Ok, so now that I'm back on normal schedule, a.k.a, NO spring break, I have finally recovered from my first standing-in-the-pit-for-5-hours-with-the-strong-odor-of-pot-everywhere concert experience! HOORAY!!!

But I saw The Killers!!! Which was so awesome!! I love them, and Brandon Flowers is such a hottie *swoon*. So my friends and I were really close, like 20 feet, which was amazing. It was extremely loud, but in a good way. And it was really hot, in a not good way. Luckily there will a couple of gorgeous guys that we were sort of smushed against so I wasn't really complaining, :).

The first act was extremely weird, I couldnt even hear what their name was, but they were like out of a bad episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seriously, one of their song's was called "Hell Diver". I was like, what the heck is this, I want the Killers. When the finished, I was like hooray the Killers, but then....there was a 2nd opening act! The Howling Bells, from Australia, who were actually pretty good, but by that point I was a little grouchy at being stuck standing for already like 2 hours and not seeing the band I came to.

It took another 40 mintues after the Howling Bells came on for the Killers to come out, but it was SO worth it. They played so well, and confetti came from the ceiling, and Brandon Flowers is such an amazing performer. <3>

This is such a good picture for a camera phone, I am seriously impressed.

Pretty purple lights, they lighting was awesome btw.

If the Killers come on tour near where you live I highly recommend trying to get tickets, they rock! :D



-ciao bella- said...

I love The Killers- I seriously bought "Sam's Town" the day it came out! I tried to go see them up in NYC one year... xx

Alison said...

i <3 the killers( a lot)!!!
mmmm brandon flowers.... he has a bad porn star name but I love him anyways

Lama Drama said...

the killers? i was thinking about getting tickets to their concert here in ny! i think i will now that you convinced me!!

Poshhh said...

ah i've gone to see the killers live twice and i am SO in love with them
brandon is absolutely UNbelieveable.
i love him
i love him
i love him

love your blog too hun.

Emma said...

oh, i used to love the killers. i kind of got over them a bit but now i kind of want to listen to them again.

Emma said...
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Moose on the Loose said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU WENT TO THE KILLERS??????? I am so beyond jealous. I wanted to go see them but they were sold out like hours after they went on sale. It sounds like such a good show. Aaaaak!! You are sooo lucky!!

Anonymous said...

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