Monday, January 15, 2007

Flower Child Fashion

I am having a strange fashion upheaval of wanting to wear flowery hippie things. I have been searching for peices like flowery tunics, slouchy bermuda shorts in neutrals, and big vintage tortishell glasses. Soon I may find myself doing peace signs all over the place. Haha, jk. But I like the look of hippieish pieces. They are so adorable, and cute, and relaxed, and comfortalbe. Plus I like wearing flowers quite a lot so that is an added plus. Ah, i am getting so excited just thinking about it!! To bad I dont have very many hippie pieces yet. Thats ok though, its not spring yet. Here are some of my favorites that I have found.

Ok, so they're not vintage, but they are beautiful and look like what I imagined, hehe

I dont know if these are really hippie, but I really like them, and they are khaki and seem sort of hippie, and what the heck else are you going to where with flowered tunics?

This yellow and white dress with the pockets is so adorable, I just had to put it on my hippie flower child clothing list.

I dont know if Jellies count as hippie chic, but they make me think of hippies. Added pluses: Comfort, nostalgia of when I was 3, and a cute array of colors including blue, green, yellow, clear, and pink!

Cute white tunic is definetely hippie. Cant you just imagine yourself parading around in it carrying signs that say, "Make Love Not War"?

What can I say about this dress? The colors are amazing, and its silky and a great length and its just beautiful and I really want it. There I said some things!

This dress is so simple and cute, and flowery. Its probably really comfortable and airy, but not in weird way.I like the print too.

This tunic is gorgeous. I love the bright colors and the neckline. It comes in a rose/red/pink shade also!

Look for me when I go through my full hippie makeover. :)




Alison said...

I <3 the yellow and white dress! The pockets are adorable and the babydoll length is super cute.

criticpapa said...

Cute dress and shoes.. i think that white dress is your favorite of all those post isn't it?

by the way im william i like and my favorite is big suit. said...

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