Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rag and Bone...I like their name

Its one of the 1st of the Fall Ready-to-where collections, and I happen to like it quite a lot. Still a lot of menswear influence in this collection. I happen to really like menswear, I think it is chic and cute, but still sophisticated. It makes mature when I wear it hehe. Heres some of my favorites.

This is my favorite outfit of the whole collection. I love the grey tunic thing with the skinny pants and skinny black scarf!!!Its so chic!

Ok, I love this olive green cardigan belted with grey skinny pants. And the white turtle blouse underneath just makes the outfit that much perfecter. Perfecter? Is that even a word?

The grey loosly pleated skirt and jacket with knee high leather boots. Like working women/matrix! I love it!

Usually it looks bad pairing bermudas with high boots but I like it here, and the military-esk jacket and cute little hat are to die for.

I'll be back with more movie collections and fall 2007 collections!



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ambika said...

I love the muted colors that seem so dominant for fall, and especially the menswear trend.