Sunday, February 18, 2007

What is the world coming to?

Britney Spears is newly bald. I for one did not expect that. I feel bad for her, all that pressure that she broke and shaved her head. Why do we live in a world where people are scrutinized to the point of shaving off all their hair?

I have to say that she doesnt look very good either, only one person can pull off baldness. Natalie Portman. She is gorgeous.

Bad Baldness

Good Baldness. She looks elegant and beautiful

I know this isnt very fashiony, but I just had to report on it.



-ciao bella- said...

i completely agree...but brit has been progressively doing i'm not exactly surprised that she went to such drastic measures...


natalie portman is timeless - simply beautiful. i know of no one else that can pull of BALDNESS

ambika said...

I totally forget that Natalie Portman had shaved her head. What a contrast.

Alison said...

natalie portman looks amazing all the time, even when she doesn't have any hair lol
her eyes are sooo gorgeous!
i'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Wow i'd never guess someone could look bald! What has brotney done! I feel terribly sorry for her.Nice blog I really enjoyed reading it.