Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mooka Kinney

Hmm... You are probably wondering what in the heck is Mooka Kinney. If you don't know yet its time to find out. Mooka Kinney is a line started by up and coming designers Rachel Antonoff and Alison Lewis(ages 24 and 23). They met when Alison rented a room in Racheal's west village apartment. They bonded over their love for vintage treasure hunting, pretty prints, and whimsical dresses.

The dresses are completely and totally ADORABLE!!! I haven't seen such cute dresses, I don't think any where, or at least not for a while. The dresses are empire waisted, and smock dresses, in prints of swans, flowers, and other equally amazing designs. The details are so cute also, with buttons in the shape of strawberries, swans, and deer. I love all of there dresses, this is a designing pair you want to look out for!
The creaters of Mooka Kinney, Alison Lewis(left) and Rachel Antonoff

An adorable heart button on the pocket of the Swan Dress.
Alison in the Flag Dress

Rachel in the Narnia Dress, and Alison in the Swan Dress
The amazingly gorgeous back of the Narnia Dress. Check out the adorable crossing straps and the sweet strawberry buttons.
Visit www.mookakinney.com for more info on this amazing line.
It is sold at i heart in New York City.
Keep a look out for Mooka Kinney!

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