Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I am totally in love with flats for fall. I think that they are the cutest shoes ever. Being 5'10" I love heels but I kind of tower over most people in them, so flats are a chic, stylish, comfortable way to pull together my outfit and not be a foot over everyones heads. Flats are popping up everywhere, on celebrities and on the runway, they are definetely the go to shoe for fall, not the mention being completely adorable! Here are some of my favorite styles! Marc by Marc Jacobs Slingback Flats
(These are pretty bright for fall, but I love them, and if you have doubts for fall, they will be perfect for spring!)
Loeffler Randall Flats
Lark Cinch Flats

Twelth St. by Cynthia Vincent



London Sole Pirouette Flat



Steve Madden Bees Flats,

Mauve Suede

Hope you like them! Enjoy!