Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas List '06

I love Christmas so much!! It may seem early, but we are half way through November and I am already started to make my list! I get to ask for things I want, and there is an actual chance I will get them! What a nice thought. No jk, I love Christmas and every part of it, the tree, the lights, eggnog, snow(I wish, I live in CA for craps sake :P)Christmas music, but I am not going to pretend I dont love presents, here are some of my list toppers this year.

Havainas Top Flip Flop in Red
Havainas are so comfy, I could walk in them forever. And now with these cute red one, my sandals can match my toes, hooray!

French Sole Quilted Ballet Flats, $65.00

Who wouldn't want beautiful coffee colored, patent leather/quilted flats?

Greys Anatomy Season 2

OMG! McDreamy, what more can I say?

Grey Ant Midriff Jacket, $121.00

Its just so cute, and hip, and chic, and I love it!

Urban Decay Marsh Mallow Body Powder
I love smelling like yummy food, especially marshmellows. How perfect is that?

Splendid Thermal Pants in Navy

They are perfect for tucking into boots, or just when you are cold. Thats when I like wearing thermals personally. Plus they come in a plethora(nice word huh?) of cute colors!

Love Bird Cluster Necklace @

It is so adorable, the birds are so cute!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! A month early!



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Anonymous said...

I thought it was darling, but it was sold out.