Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cartier LOVE Bracelets

I have been flipping through magazines and seen a lot of ads for the Cartier LOVE bracelet. Even though it is totally outragesly priced, or at least for me, I think the whole idea is cool. Apparently in the 70's Cartier found its inspiration for these bracelets in New York City. The concept is that the bracelet has a little key, that is supposed to be locked on by a loved one, symbolizing and everlasting bond. The entire thing is so romantic! I love that, like something from the era where people wrote songs for each other, and recited poetry. For any of you that can afford this amazing bracelet, I am envious! :)
18 Carat Gold LOVE Bracelet, Below Silver LOVE Bracelet

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Anonymous said...

what movie featred the cartier love bracelet? I remember seeing it sometime back in a scene where a man was placing it on a womans wrist. please please pleasa help me figure this out . Its driving me nuts!!!!!