Thursday, August 24, 2006

French Sole

French Sole is an adorable little shoe store in New York. They make only flats, with the occasional heel, their shoes fit perfectly, come in tons of bright, pastel, dark, and rich colors, and don't cost too much. The shop is in New York on Lexington and 77th street, I'm pretty sure, but don't be mad if I'm wrong. I love their shoes, and they are perfect because flats are right now the chicest thing. Here are a few of my favorite picks of the flats they carry.
Black sparkly flats, perfect for a party. French Sole, $65.00
Adorable navy blue flats w/ white poka dots and bows. French Sole, $65.00
White quilted flats w/ black tips. Very classic, kind of look like the classic Chanel flats. French Sole, $60.00
Cute little pink flats with gold lining and bows. French Sole, $60.00

Chocolate brown suede flats w/ baby pink lining and bows. So cute! French Sole, $60.00

Enjoy, flats are really in, plus they don't hurt you feet like heels!


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