Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Grunge for Fall 2006

Has anyone noticed how in grunge is this fall? I have. I love all the oversized sweaters, baggy wide legged trousers, leggings, giant fluffy hats, long loose sses, and big scarves. Dressing like you just got out of bed has never been chicer. So guys, pile it on. This season there's never too much. Put a dress over leggings, over a tank top, with a sweater and scarf over that. Its a fun look to put together. Marc Jacobs' Fall collection is beautiful, and totaly grungy and I love it. The fluffy, big hats are my favorite part. His peices are amazing. Here are a few of my favorite.l

All from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 Collection. The plaid, fluffy hats, and giant coats are to die for!


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