Friday, August 25, 2006

Kate Moss Returns

Has anyone noticed how much Kate Moss has rebounded since the drug/cocaine scandal of September 2005. Lately she is become uber girl super model again. Every issue of Vogue, British Vogue, Vanity Fair? The all seem to have her on the cover. This year alone, Kate Moss has already made 11 million dollars in income. In a recent issue of British Vogue, Moss was in 8 ad campaigns, including Chanel, Versace, Louis Vouttin, Longchamp, and Burberry among others. I have also seen her in a David Yurman ad recently. Its crazy how the fashion world reaccepts people. Kate Moss is beautiful, she is a great model, and she did or still does cocaine. I'm not saying all models do it, but it does keep you thin. The fashion world just forgot about that, remembering how great Moss looks on camera and in their ads. We live in a world where beauty rules, but didn't it always?

The March issue of Vogue, 2006. This is Moss's 21st cover of Vogue, wow.

A recent Versace add, staring Moss(center), Carolyn Murphy, and Daria Werbowy. This ad is inspired by the glamour of supermodels.

The Fall 2006 ad for Burberry, staring Moss, who was removed from the ad about this time last year.

A Chanel ad staring Moss, another design house that cancelled her contract last year.

The most recent cover of Vanity Fair, staring Moss.

It just shows how quickly the fashion world moves, make sure you keep up!


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